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About Q-Care Medical Story

Q-Care Medical is founded by Haley Quillen, FNP (family nurse practitioner). The doors opened January 2, 2018! The idea behind Q-Care Medical is for a small team of nurse practitioners to provide quality healthcare to our patients and our community. Nurse practitioners are able to serve as primary care providers in the state of Tennessee, which includes the diagnosis, treatment, management, and even prevention of diseases. Q-Care Medical will proudly collaborate with Dr. Charles R Tessier, DO as its supervising physician, who is not on site. Q-Care Medical started as the first nurse practitioner clinics in this area! The wonderful team of our nurse practitioners is excited to build a stronger, healthier community.

Meet Our Team, which includes Haley Quillen, FNP-C, Saprina Fender, FNP-C, Amanda Cantwell, FNP-C, Crystal West, FNP and Catherine Hensley, FNP-C. All nurse practitioners (NP) are more than capable of providing general check-ups (wellness exams) for all ages, including child, adult, and even female exams. Sports and school physicals, as well as DOT physicals, may also be performed by our NPs. Most routine labs drawn are on site and sent out for processing. Other in house services include EKGs, spirometry, and audiometry. Please click Services to see what else our clinic and staff may be able to offer you! Our goal is to provide as much convenience as possible, while we may refer elsewhere if deemed necessary. Acute/sick visits are absolutely welcomed and although appointments are preferred, walk-ins will be accommodated in every way possible.

Saprina Fender, FNP will be able to provide Acupuncture for both acute and chronic disease management.

Other services that we now provide include cosmetic procedures including Botox/Xeomin, Juvederm, Radiesse, among several other forms of dermal fillers. Some of our nurse practitioners have been fully trained and certified for these services. Be sure to book your free consultation for these services and see what would work best for you!

Q-Care will be accepting most insurances throughout this area. Feel free to call and verify your particular insurance with our front staff. We will provide a set discount for those who are self-pay as well. Payments (cash, co-pays, or payments on deductible plans) will be due at the time of your appointment. Any overdue balances may prohibit the ability for future appointments. Most credit cards will be accepted, as well as checks, and cash.