Update on COVID-19

We know that most of our patients continue to worry regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

 We understand it puts you all in a hard situation on whether or not to keep your regular, routine “doctor” appointments or even come in to be seen for an acute/sick visit.

 At this time we have made the decision to use Telemed as an option. What this does is give us the opportunity to still talk to you and discuss the problems you are having while still being able to virtually see you via camera either on your mobile device or computer. We are still providing on-site visits as well, but taking extra precautions and disinfecting daily to keep our clinic clean!

Additionally, any on-site appointments for acute illness, demonstrating any signs of COVID-19 are seen curbside to further reduce the risk of transmission within our clinic. Please notify our staff if you have any fever, cough, or shortness of breath when making your appointment so we may make a note to see you curbside. You would then call the clinic upon arrival to check-in!

Anyone entering Q-Care Medical is screened before they're allowed to come inside, no matter the reason for their presence.

Taking care of our patients and keeping you all safe and healthy is our top priority! If you have an appointment scheduled already and would like to do this by Telemed, in office, or need to schedule an appointment for an acute visit please feel free to call the office at 423-972-4770 and let us know you would like to do this!

We are still working regular office hours, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm